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Outbox Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder suffered by text messages. Much like the human equivalent, agoraphobia, outbox agoraphobia is where the text message suffers from panic attacks in the public, and so decides it best to stay in the relative safety of the outbox.
The condition is most commonly caused by lack of mobile reception and/or lack of mobile credit.
Side effects of the disorder include anxiety of the phone owner themself as they don't recieve a reply, and then annoyance as they realize the text is still sitting in their outbox ready to resend an hour later.
text conversation:
17.31-Phoebe: What time is the table booked for? x
18.26-Phoebe: James? What time is it booked for? x
18.27-James: Oh sorry! It was for 6pm, I thought you were late, I sent you a reply earlier but it had outbox agoraphobia! x
by fluorescent June 22, 2009
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