Out this morn'n
When this night is gone
Ur find'n from a man
Noe the man did hide

So let him
Stop him for 1 rule
He did look but cruel mama
Word x2
he did damn but fool

No U wnt his hat
U wnt his hate
No U wnt his hat
U alredy Wna giv

So did he make U
No gave hevN his bones
Ifs not never sides and luck

No from this night that he Nds
You heard him fry n out the bisnes
Wrd do tell anybody helpd
No r word dollars clear of cruelty mama
Cause he cant even shame himself

No u Wnt his hate
No x2 u Wnt his hat
No hey u Wnt his hat
You had Wna givn

Noe ifs not complicated
Afar this rest what he kam around
He cant straightn all from

free x3
Cause what is afar that is right 2 him
Yeah ifs not company from this sky
Girl ifs not focused from this hell
No it u Rnt fallout war noe
R words walls u Rnt Wna Play

No, mama
No x2, u wnt his hate x3
U had lost from givn

No, That never
Wut his nights will hide
Word misuse showing out N E line, noe
Cause wut dont change N E thing
ifs U, arent sitting out the ballrooms,
All night later ifs not wnts from play, ifs not wnts from play
Wair hes this student for this onstage,
Farewel, he did expect a little, no,

No U wnt his hate
No×2 U wnt his hate
No Hey U wnt his hate
U had lost from givn x2

Mama, U had lost from givn his hate
U had lost from,
No, mama, U had lost from givn his hate, Wu
U had lost from givn his hate
already lost U had lost from
U had lost from givn his hate
Out this morning, tired of coming back, 3 doors down, one kyrptonite road remembered.
by MineOwedWu's July 20, 2021
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