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A person who tries to outdo everyone around them when it comes to life experiences and health issues. They also know everything on every conversation even though they don't possess the education and will power to shut there fucking mouths and be humble and listen.
Fran-Yeah, my grandfather just had another stint put in his heart so he can stay alive.

Out do ya bitch-Oh yeah... Well my grandfather had 23 stints and lives in an Iron Lung. And he's still taking care of the family. He cuts hair at the weave store and is a Auctioneer at the VFW on Bingo nite!!
Fran- Foo Lordy!!! You is a Out do ya bitch!!! Do you want a side order of fries with those lies? Your grandpappy died of ass cancer 7 years ago.
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by Gar Grim July 02, 2018
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