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A collective name that stands for both DeceptivePanda and Munckin. It also part of DeceptiveMunckin industries and has been copyrighted/patented as of September 2012. Royalties must be payed to both DeceptivePanda and Munckin or their Lawyer, a powerful being(not known if human or not), will visit the person who uses the name without permission. If the perpetrator does not pay up, the Lawyer has been known to use... unorthodox methods...
(1) Have you ever heard what happened to Nee268IRL? I heard he didn't pay royalties and the Ousblobs lawyer made him disappear.

(2) OUSBLOB! (Preferred greeting)

(3) Immigrant: Man, I heard the Ousblobs made a town.
Immigrant 2: Ousblob? You mean Munckin?
Immigrant: NO! I mean both Munckin and DeceptivePanda
Immigrant 2: OHHHH
by Squealin' Piggy October 30, 2012
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