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The weirdest person you will ever meet. Mostly lunatic and moody, but deep down she's weak emotionally and also, always quick to make fun of a bad situation.

She has the ability to discuss every subject, and if there's one thing she hates the most it'd be boredom and silent people. She is incessantly curious, she loves to talk, but in order to discuss, to gather ideas and information, not simply to fill empty spaces of silence.

How to turn her on? Ouijdane is very romantic and might be horny, she likes to be engaged with in an erotic conversation. You'll surely a night of fireworks. But to make it perfect, cuddle after having sex.

When it comes to friendships, she doesn't like many friends, and might be hypocrit with some, because sometimes she tends to feel lonely and seeking for affection, BUT she can only have one and only close friend, and this person has to be, open-minded, funny, romantic and freak! If you are this person, you should notice it and feel it, because she does never express how she feels.
Girl! you are sooo.. sexy, wanna hug?
BITCH! I'm Ouijdane, let's have sex instead.
by uncoolbuddy May 25, 2013
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