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Ouija Board users often have rather mysterious and perplexing experiences when handling the board. Users sometimes combine Entheogens—psychoactive substances used in religious, psychotherapeutic, shamanic and spiritual contexts. Examples of Entheogens include, but are not limited to Cannabis, DMT Ethanol, LSD, Mescaline, Psilocybin, etc. Taking Entheogens while conducting a session with the Ouija Board is known as a Ouija Haze. Ouija Hazers usually are astounded by their thought-provoking sessions. Users report a greater sense of connection with the spirit world when they conduct Ouija Haze sessions. Jaw-dropping revelations and apparitions sometimes accompany Ouija Haze sessions. A heightened sense of tranquility and excitement is experienced when the Entheogen are combined with older Ouija boards (the older the board the better the Ouija session will be).
Bob: Hey Dan, tonight we are going to Ouija Haze (verb).
Dan: Last week's Ouija Haze Session (noun) was mind-altering; I could of sworn that the planchette moved on its own at some point.
Bob: I know. Ouija Hazers (noun) always have incredible stories to tell.
by YellowAdam February 05, 2011
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