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AKA Otaloli, short for Otaku lolita. Otarori is oftentimes a negative term, so they prefer being known as 'Cosplay Lolita.' They wear lolita clothing based on or inspired by anime and manga characters. Usually they will not pay $300 for designer dresses like 'real' lolitas–as otarori have to put most of their expenses towards their first hobby– so they will either sew their own or settle for the $40 dresses and separates from Bodyline or Putumayo. Sometimes these dresses are made with cheap, stiff, cosplay-like fabrics, but otarori don't care because they're just going for the look. They're not always fanservice-ish in dress, but they can be. Sometimes they don't know how to do up their hair or make-up because they're tomboys when they're not wearing their frilly gothic ensembles. Unlike the italoli, otarori try to distance themselves from the elitist lolita. They're dressing for themselves and their own otaku culture– which is far larger and welcoming than proper lolita culture ever will be.
The lolita oozed in jealousy when she witnessed the otarori being fan-mobbed and photographed at the anime convention.
by SorrowCat November 25, 2009
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