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The more positive side somewhere between, 'Otaku' and, 'Weebo.' Otapii are individuals who share a love or fond like for anime and manga and some Japanese things, without going too overboard, or letting it take over their lives. 'Otapii' is the good medium dividing fan from over obsessive nerd. Otapii tend to be hard to spot in a crowd as they do not draw attention to themselves and only speak about anime or Japanese related things when they are asked about them or when they absolutely have to.
Otapii are most commonly refered to as, "the cool version of Otaku.'
Friend 1: "So I heard Lynette was an Otapii."
Friend 2: "Really? I never would have guessed!"

Friend 1 talking to a random person: "So did you see the latest episode of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt?"
Otapii: "Oh I just love Stocking!"
Friend 1: You watch anime??"
Otapii: Lol, why wouldn't I?

Weebo: I like anime.
Otapii: ...
Weebo: DON'T U?!!
Otapii: Sure.
Weebo: Did you watch BLEACH last night?
Otapii: Nope.
Weebo: WHAAAATT?!?!?!!
Otapii: U mad?
by Fishcaek-Chan February 01, 2011
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