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Professional figure skater from Kazakhstan from the anime Yuri on Ice. GPF Bronze Medalist but was removed from ranking after JJ sold his ass to a judge. Easily the most attractive character in the anime. Rides a motorcycle (check), leather jacket (check), strong, silent type (check). 110% sex machine bad boy with a heart of gold.
Holy fuck, is that Otabek Altin? My panties feel wet already.
by Akibananya June 13, 2017
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An ice skater from kazakhstan who looks like a bad boy but is just a cinnamon roll. He rides a motorcycle and is a DJ. He probably definitely is gay for smol angry Russian tiger Yurio as seen from episode 10 and onwards. He is known for taking yuri’s glove off with his teeth and telling yuri he has the unforgettable eyes of a soldier.
Person 1: Hey who’s that gay figure skater from kazakhstan?

Person 2: the guy that definitely is gay but hasn’t been confirmed gay?

Person 1: yeah him.

Person 2: oh otabek altin
by OtayuriisgayTM May 09, 2019
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