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An amazing jewish camp for kids going into 3rd grade up to kids graduating from high school. You can sleep in tents or cabin and they have different units. Its co-ed so a lot of kids have a first kiss among other things. The councilors are amazing and are always there to support you. The first day you want in your a stranger, by the end of the summer you have life long friends and will be crying your eyes out when you have to leave. its a utopia yes, very expensive but its worth every penny and its kosher style. The kids are super nice and the most observant jew can be best friend with someone whose never walked into a temple. They have these "shabbat walks" basically a date but less pressure. Every jewish kid deserves to go here at least once. Most of the kids are from the chicago land area but they have people from all over the us, people from israel and france. Its not all white kids, they also have mexican, asians and african americans (there's a black kid there who raps in hebrew!) its insane. Everyday is an adventure and the older you get the more freedom you have. I honestly cant tell you how amazing this camp is.
Cool osrui kid: damn i just got back from osrui, i miss it already!
loser non-osrui kid: whats so great about it?
osrui kid: FOOL! look it up on urban dictionary!
by rec<3 July 28, 2010
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Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute, a Jewish Summer Camp in Oconomowoc, WI

It's a place you go to meet friends, hook up, be friends with your counselors, sleep in tents (unless you're a stupif tifi), and learn hebrew, kinda. It's the best place you will ever go, and the worst place to leave. You will go home and feel weird sleeping in a room by yourself, and find yourself singing camp songs alone.
Rachel: Hey, are you going to OSRUI this summer?

Ben: Duh, what the fuck would I be doing otherwise?
by osrui12345 March 06, 2010
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