A BBC America Tv show. This show is about clones finding their origin and learning about their past and how their loved ones react and which loved ones are a "spy" or "monitor" to watch these clones. All clones are played by the incredibly talented Tatiana Manslay. And her "brother" Felix played by Jordan Gavaris. The clones consist of Cosima, Rachel, Helena, Sarah, Beth, Katja, and Allison. Sarah and Helena are the originals being twins and can therefore have children which Sarah has had with Cal and Has a daughter named Kira. She used to date Vick but after Beth committed suicide she stole her identity and tricked Vick into believing she was dead. Cosima is a scientist whom is in a relationship with Delphine her ex-monitor and science partner. Allison has two adopted kids with Donnie who is her monitor and sooner believed her friend Angsley was her monitor and killed her. Rachel is a businesswomen who "the bird man" kept to raise. Beth was a cop whom is believed to be Alive. Helena is a woman raised by religious people to kill her clones calling them a sin, these people are attempting to give offspring of her. Felix was a Prostitude and Cocaine dealer but is now In a relationship with Colin. Orphan black is a phenomenal sci-fi show with amazing characters and plot. Watch it now.
~Did you watch orphan black last night?
~Yes. Fe and Allison were perfect as usual
by Orphanblackfan June 5, 2014
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*Dan walks out the bathroom*
Frank: "Howd it go in there Dan?"
Dan: "Great, just left the biggest black orphan i've ever dropped off."
by Shytbringer October 19, 2019
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