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Orlonzos are typically out of control individuals, either emotionally or physically. Orlonzos are normally found inside their respected homes, usually procrastinating any important work that needs to be done by playing games, crying, watching anime, or all of the above. Orlonzos are certainly a rare bunch of beings, normally 1 comes every 25 millenniums so if you have a friend or know someone that is an Orlonzo make sure you appreciate their existence. Orlonzos are typically a loving and caring friends, but sometimes are indecisive with their feelings. Although not extremely attractive, can keep a group of friends or people entertained as long as he doesn't feel pressured or embarrassed
Person 1: WOW, that person is super funny
Person 2: Yeah, he seems like an Orlonzo to me.
by Kachonk June 19, 2018
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