Alcohol. Long before any of the hypnotics and exotics were used to incapacitate an unsuspecting woman, men used to ply women with booze until they were so drunk, they didn't realize the trap they had fallen into.
Girl #1: I woke up and didn't even know where I was, whose bed I was in or what happened, but I knew I had to get out of there

Girl #2: Are you sure the guy didn't slip you a date rape drug?

Girl #1: No we were just doing shots, drinking beer with everyone, I know I got really, really drunk, stumbling drunk, I think I left with him, but that's all I remember

Girl #2: Yeah he made sure you had too much to drink, it's called The Original Date Rape Drug. That type of guy is just a more patient predator, the end result is still the same

Girl #1: Never again am I going to let that happen....
by January 16, 2010
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