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It was a cold, dark, stormy night. Lightning striking more than I've ever seen. The clouds parted and............................... Something moved in the shadows.
It was two men, Steroid and a Gnome the call Klotz. Klotz was holding Steroids DIPSTICK and said.." Steroid you need some lubrication."

From the woods came a scream never heard was a sort of a sound like.."Kiz....kiz kiznook" and from the dark came a stranger with a dvd in his hand. Thank god it wasn't VD it was a DVD.

"Step back my fellow....uh...creatures of the dark." he whipped out a DVD player and said boldly" I have a cheap and crudely homemade DVD of Datsun repair by a Sage they call...." suddenly a sound comes from the woods...

It's a man from the great white north. They call Him DatzenMike.

He says to the group gathering.." Hey is this the Ratsun get together...EH?"
See he talks funny because, well he's Canadian, and they just talk funny.

So then after drinking many Molsons and saying eh and take off hoser, they called, on a cell phone, a man called BEEBANI. " Whats wrong here, Steroids ......and now they all called it a Ratsun, because the great white northerner called it that....his Ratsun won't start, what should we do?"

When REDEYES from the dark says , Is it a......." ...Situation that calls for the all Knowing the most brilliant of all...the one thay call....."

Suddenly, a rustling from the bushes stops them all silent.

A whisper comes from there and a voice is heard to say " you must go to the Maker of the DVD...They call him...." all eyes were upon the redeye....

and he says" What the fuck you looking at me for? The bush is talking...."

and then all of them turn back to the bush, the one that talks..and it continues...." Bonzai."

Well at that some of them laugh and say almost like a secret word or phrase.." ... CALL IT GOOD?"....laughter and a sense of relief comes across them all.

and then... and enigma.....the one they call "Bleach" appears. They all bow before him and ask" The one from the north says it shall be called RATSUN.

My Lord should it be so? At which the one they call Bleach says....

And I quote after many years and and many beers" Yeah what the hell.. if we refuse the one from the north they might send down some more or their god awful rock acts and shit do you guys really want to listen to any more Brian Adams songs.....?".....

Information By Phatdave

Origin Of Ratsun
Datsun fanatics
also...Finnish Noun: ratsun
Genitive singular form of ratsu.
a horse or knight(in chess)
by Phlebmaster September 16, 2008
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