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First a man puts an oreo in his ass, then he shakes it up an bit so the cookie can become steeped in the ass juices and finally he shits it into his partners mouth.
I'm into Oreo-ing, hope it's not a turn off.....
by ImitationCrab May 23, 2016
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When you "put the vanilla bit in a line from his mouth to his dick and eat them off " lol
Rosie: can i oreo you

louis: hell no yall crazy bitch oreo-ing is crazy
by w00tage lll February 11, 2009
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To ejaculate between a girl's asscheeks, preferrably of african american descent, and squeeze the cheeks together to make it look like an oreo
"yo man i oreoed my girlfriend last night"
"what do you mean?"
"she let me cum between her asscheeks and squeeze them together to look like an oreo. Oreoing is fun"
by blazejecar May 22, 2016
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The act in which you open an oreo so half of the oreo filler is on one side of the cookie. You will then stick the half of the oreo on an item (cars are ideal) and smudge down. it is important that you leave the half of the cookie on the bottom of the smudge. This should leave a poop stain looking figure.
*this works better when the oreos are warm. it is a good idea to put them in the sun before.*
Dillon:I can believe that guy cut me off!

Jules:were oreoing him TONIGHT!

Kevin: Thats idea is rad, lets do it tonight. ill put the oreos in the sun right now

Jasmine: Ill make sure dem numba' nines extra spicaaay.
by Jp69 June 26, 2012
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