Two white chicks in a 69 while two black guys take 'em in the ass.
Hey everybody dinner was great...hey I just realized something, we've got all the ingredients to make a nice double-stuff Oreo! You ladies in?
by Groucho March 27, 2005
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A black human who thinks they are a white human trapped inside a black body.
Clarence and Condoleeza are Oreo Double Stufs;they are an injuring their own race.
by porkyoupine August 04, 2008
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Two white chicks 69'ing while one black guy fucks one in the ass. Hence open-faced.
(2 white girls in a car with one black guy)

Hey, dinner was great! I just realized, despite the fact that Arnold's not here and we can't have a traditional double-stuffed oreo, we still have all the ingredients for an open-faced oreo!. Oreo (double-stuffed, open-faced).
by Shy Needwood January 10, 2007
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When two 6”5 huge wanker African guys and a 5”1 two millimeter defeater pp tripple team a white women in the bedroom
Jimmy: Hey Alex did you hear than anything got the double Oreo stuffed burrito from rayquan tjay and hector

Alex: yea bro that must of huuurt!
by What am I a faggot? July 17, 2021
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