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dry sex,

going through the motions of sex with clothing on. so that you stimulate your self and your partner to achieve an orgasm without "having sex".

the term was invented along with the "Provo Push" buy 5 Provo boys that were in Californian for a summer sale's program in 2002, they were trying to explain a the concept to those that were not of Mormon faith. all of the boys attended high school in Provo(Timpview and Provo High) and are all still good friend and no longer do the the push. (they all are married)

(this is not an excepted practice buy the LDS faith. it is considered inappropriate sexual behavior)
she started doing the "provo push" on me.
whats that?
you know the "Orem O" " D-F-ing"... you know dry sex.
ohh she just jumped you?
ya she was like a horny puppy that i could not get off my leg
by JSRTLB June 11, 2009
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