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A pseudo-secret society of drinkers who take a pact to drink with their non-dominant hand, however at the time of the pact are unaware of the nature of said pact. When failing to comply with the usage of the non-dominant hand, another member of The Order of the Buffalo has the right to challenge said member, and if correct in accusation, the offending member must down his/her drink in less than one minute. If the accusor is wrong (as in the case of mistaking a southpaw for a right hander), the accusor must down his or her own drink in less than a minute. Origins remain contested, however scholars maintain that "The Order" first rose to the preponderance of a population in the Republic of Fatumastan, amongst the Fatumois (who are not yet a UNESCO protected group but may soon become one). Membership is at will upon induction, but remains for life, irregardless of the member's wishes. Note: This applies only to libations,l. Water, soft drinks, and other beverages with no discernable alcoholic content are exempt.
Definition: Order of the Buffalo
Accusor: Buffalo!

Accused: Oh Sh!t, not again! *Gulp, gulp gulp*
by Fatuman August 12, 2019
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