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The act of commencing a high yeild military strike on a planet's surface using a satallite or spacecraft as a weapons platform.

Attacks of this manner can be noted for the ability to deliver increasingly large amounts of firepower to a surface target anywhere in the hemisphere with accuracy rivaling that of a smart-bomb due to all targets being in the Line of Sight.
These attacks are also nearly impossible to defend against, as solid projectiles must fight gravity to engage attacking ships and orbiting vessels can manuver better than ground targets. Thus dramaticly reducing the risk of the attack...

Single precision attacks are often reffered to as an orbital strike while more powerful salvo and barrage styled attacks tend to be used for leveling a metropolis or larger.

Uses of an Orbital Bombarment include Ground-Force Suppression, Instalation Neutralization, and for those of us with no reguard for civilian life... Genocide.
Enemy forces are on the move... commence orbital bombardment on these coordinets.
by AdmiralTigerclaw November 19, 2006
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