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When a male masturbates way to much causing skin ripping and openings on the penis which then over a period of time turn into blisters which then pop when a male ever has a boner again. The liquid that is released from this blister is then dripped on the testicular sack and if the liquid encounters ejaculatory fluids they will merge causing an orange colored crust that stays for a few days until it happens again. The infection can only be stopped by antibiotics over a three year period. If you think you are getting an orange pancake contact your doctor immediately because no girl wants to have intercourse and see an orange Pancake unless they are ugly or desperate.
John: Hey Bill how was last night with Sara like.

Bill: Um well.. it was going great until she saw my Orange Pancake.

John: Whats an Orange Pancake.

Bill: Its like the boy version of a blue waffle. Just look it up at
by Psa for every one April 25, 2010
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