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Oplio doesnt have a defined meaning; YOU decide what it means. It is most commonly used as an inside joke between gay people and hipsters. It is not a sign of hate, but on the other hand, a sign of love and worship.

Oplio is not intended as a swear word. If used in bad context, you will sent to hell: However, you do get second chances, if you deserve it. This decision will be made by the ancient gods, whom we speak to through an extra terrestrial banana phone.

Oplio is also often used as a sign that you need to take a giant shit. Then after, you text a friend saying: "oplio?", he will most likely respond: "oplio! U take big shit, now yes?"

My personal experience with the word Oplio has been great, add Oplio to your dictionary today. AND HAVE FUN!

(Oplio was invented by the ancient GODS, Jonathan and Jonah. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And dont forget to wear protection!)
Person 1 : "Oplio?"

Person 2 : "Oplio!"

Person 1 : "Lets have SEX!"

Person 2 : "Oplio!"

*Love is being made at this point*
by ancient Gods, Jonah & Jonathan February 28, 2012
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