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Describes the decision made by one to, for example, actually attempt to learn a person's name before making out with him/her at a party. This, as well as other social implementations and improvements, intends to position one for the possibility of gaining a long term relationship. Thus, you are putting yourself in position to settle down on a person.

This decision is often made after one has had an outrageously dirty weekend with uncountable hookups. While it can relate to both males and females, the term itself is quite masculine. Furthermore, males, typically being the social initiator, bare most of the weight in such scenarios. Thus, this term applies more to them.
--Morning After--

A "Mann. What a crazy night. How many girls did you hook up with?"

B "I don't know man. I lost count after that chick that looked like she had vomited in her hair. And that hot blonde chick, I didn't even get her name before we hit the bathroom and before I knew it she was gone.

A "Yea man. Enough of this bullshit. We need to enter Operation Settle Down before we contract an STD from these orgy weekends."
by 22eevjdahab February 13, 2010
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When you realize that you have not had a steady relationship in ages. Your only encounters with the opposite or same sex is through sloppy weekends. When you have hooked up with more than two individuals within a week or even one night you might want to consider triggering an OSD alert. Operation Settle Down will go into effect and you will try to dedicate your time and attention solely to that one individual.
A. "Dude you triggered an OSD with Sam last weekend but i saw you making out with Jen last night"

B. "Yeah i know i barely lasted one day."

A. " gawd you are a whore, so Operation Settle Down was a fail"
by el capitán asobrab July 27, 2010
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