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A warm up exercise created by Opal Crankshaft on August 19, 2011. The idea behind it is to form yourself into an 'O' by doing the bow pose from Yoga but extending it so that you form a complete circle. This is one of the most fun exercises you can do. Opal Crankshaft loves it, and so will you.
Opal: Hey Beatrice, check out this funky new stretch! Its the called the Opal O. You'll love it!

Beatrice: The Opal O? What is it? How do you do it?

Opal: You just bend yourself into an O, see, like this. (she bends herself into an 'O') See? This is the Opal O. And when I say its a good stretch, I mean its a streeeetch!

Beatrice: (tries the Opal O) Hey! Let's show it to the kids. I bet they'll like it. They might want to try it before the next soccer game. (blows the whistle) Hey kids, come here! I got a new exercise for us to try.

Wilson: Coach Beatrice, are you kidding me? And who is that other lady? I'm not sure if we want to do this.

Beatrice: Easy, honey. This is my friend Coach Opal. She's the one who invented this. And you're gonna love it. Now, I want you all to do it ten times. (blows the whistle) Move it! MOVE IT!

Opal: (get the coach whistle from Beatrice) Come on guys, you'll love this. It helps me. Now, that's it, easy now.

Beatrice: You're right! They loved it. Its a hit! (she does the Opal O again) Great! My back feels better. The Opal O rocks!
by Dusty's Baby Powder August 20, 2011
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