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The very minute reality gives you a slap in the face, for every dumb fuck you ever dated, or fell inlove with, for every asshole that broke your heart, for every wanna be man who claims he's the answer to your prayers, for everytime you gave your whole heart, for every lie you ever bought and for every second you ever wasted on just a worthless peice of shit, for every husband who's wives let them sleep around cause they cant keep up with their quote sex drive, for every breath wasted is an oop's moment.
Girl- Are you married?

Guy- Technically I am, but we've been talking divorce.

I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him
....dont buy into his lies, this is a trap.

if you have done this, it was an "Oops Moment"
by Reveng Seeker September 22, 2011
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