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Oooohra is a word you would say after uninportant sex! It's a word made up by the ancient Egyptian's. Egypt took it from Norway by a sertian Simon "Garfuckle" and Raymond "Fuckleluckle". Together those to formed a group of individuals that was called Simray. Simray had the romour of beeing hars,gentle and total fuckomaniacs. If you have the great pleasure of beeing able to shout "Oooohra!" after uninportant sex. You are considerd to have the great gift of Simray.
Oooohra is something you would say after:

- An amazing night with an all unimportant ugly shitface.

- A fuckfeast with 6 girls that all are sucking your cock.

- Some random big fat hairypussy you just boned the hell out off.

- If you just fucked your teacher

- When you arrive a place packed with fine ladies, you shout oooooorah maddafakkas.

- If somebody bumps into you when you are in a packed place. And the dude gets mad.

- If you catch somebody fucking in the toilet and join them.

- After you buttfucked your bestfriends mom in the ass, and gave hur an deepthroat after.

- If you beat the shit out off an prick with your huge penis.

And so on..
by Mr.Norway December 22, 2010
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