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Ideas that come from Onision that only make sense to his younger fan base. These tend to be on an extremist scale and are not morally correct. This type of logical tends to be hypocritical. To keep Onision Logic going Onion Boy himself will delete old videos that don't agree with his modern-day standards. Onision Logic is mostly used to manipulate his younger audience because he knows younger viewers are impressionable. Onision Logic is a hashtag used by MrRepzion on twitter.
"Says that religion is stupid but uses religion to back up his arguments." Onision Logic

"Complains about not having money, spends money on expensive software and other goodies." Onision Logic

"Exploits his life or one of his wives, uploads to YouTube. Whenever someone else exploits his life or his wifes, privacy complaint." -Onision Logic

"Side chick smokes weed wrong in his opinion, threatens to chain side chick to his basement right in his opinion." -Onision Logic

"*A Youtuber is hypocritical in a video* they are fake, *becomes a hypocrite himself* you all should forgive me or else you are wrong." -Onision Logic

"Says his audience should take pity on him for being suicidal because that isn't funny, makes jokes about people who are suicidal and/or cutting." -Onision Logic

"Picks on people who don't sing well, writes shitty music and bases it on anime." -Onision Logic

"Picks a fight with other YouTubers to gain views saying they should man up, says it is harassment when other YouTubers critique his channel." -Onision Logic

"Says Youtubers should keep their old videos up because it's sketchy if they delete them, deletes any videos that could get him into trouble." -Onision Logic
by eggmanlovestails July 09, 2018
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