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A mischievous group of aliens that live n another planet.

The do not resemble onions, oh no. Their planet has many layers, like an onion.
They consider themselves superior and want to study the human race. They’re generally humanoid, as I understand it but they are not humans, not at all.

We do see them in our lives, but they erase our memories. You almost never know when you’ve been a victim of the Onion People, as they send you back to the exact second they took you so you never know.

No one knows how they came to be, or what they feed on. (Though it is believed that their obsession with onions is obvious in their everyday diets)
There powers have made them all but impossible to study.
We do know, however, if you dont escape they keep you forever.
Only a select few know of there existence through keen observarion. When you lose you’re train of thought, you'r eyes get all wattery for no reason, or something magically disappears, that is the work of the Onion People.

You have been warned.
Person 1: Yeah, man it was....wait.....what was i saying?
Person 2: i dont know...what where we even talking about?
Person 1: do you think the Onion People got us?
Person 2:shit man, they must have. Are my eyes are a little wattery? Yours are.
Person 1: Yeah man, shoot. Well at least we escaped.
by Love_Said_no April 21, 2009
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people that has an bad oder or smell, mostly bums or homeless people.
you find this smell in subways and or in bathrooms,project hallways where bums sleep. he came to the party smelling like the onion people (usely a pissy smell that has set on you for a while)
by blind man February 05, 2008
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