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A song on Beatmania IIDX.

Genre: HAPPY
Artist: Risk Junk
BPM: 200

(song level: difficulty / note count)
Light 7: 5 / 439
7 keys: 8 / 832
Another 7: N/A / 1452

The A7 noteset is one of the hardest in the game, and involves pressing keys at speeds upwards of 800 times per minute.

There is a running inside joke on the BEMANI & Rhythm Action board on GameFAQs regarding this song. Periodically, when someone makes a post that the poster "gs68" doesn't like, gs68 will "go One More Lovely (a)" on that poster. When he used this for the first time on the user xtremeskata32, another person described him as "tapping xtremeskata32 at 800 bpm."
<Person A> Did you hear? LISU beat One More Lovely (Another 7) with one hand on the keys!
<Person B> What?!
<Person A> And he cleared it on Hard mode and with a grade of A.
<Person B> *suffers heart attack and dies from hearing the details*


<Random Person> You're gay.
<gs68> *goes One More Lovely (a) on Random Person*
<Random Person> Ouch! I was kidding!
by gs68-2 February 23, 2005
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