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Onaje's are full of personality. They make a friend wherever they go and never judge anyone based on thier appearance. They are usually very musically inclined and play the saxaphone very well. Onaje's like to have fun and are usually the life of the party. They are also very romantic and sexual. Onaje's will hold your hair when you are throwing up and let you cry on thier shoulder for as long as you need to. Onaje's not-so-great personality traits are that they will forget to call you back and then wonder why you are pissed at them.
The coolest guy I ever met was named Onaje.
by Onajelover February 15, 2010
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An extremely rare monster. Onajes lurk in corners and behind crowds waiting to use it's extreme stench to kill it's prey. Onajes are about the size of a standard 5th grader. This is a just the clever camouflage the onaje uses to disguise itself from human beings. You can tell when an onaje is is in your presence when a creature with the face of a rat tries to sell you it's dreadlocks. The only way to make an Onaje leave you presence is to bring up soap in some way. When an Onaje is touched with soap, it's skin starts to burn away like acid. This is currently the only way to get rid of an Onaje. There are only 2 or 3 Onajes living in North America. The most common kind of Onaje are currently controlled by HBC Holdings around the world.
HBC Holdings
by yraterceseht March 23, 2009
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