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A city near the Oshkosh, WI along the only part of the Fox, which runs North. Omro High School is considered the worst high school in the area, with a drop-out rate hovering around 3%. Anybody with money and a protective parental nature sends their children to Oshkosh. If you value your life, avoid walking with one leg miles outside of town. Omro is the fictional setting of a haunted bridge story in the book "Haunted Wisconsin." Chief Omreau and his group of hicks were the original inhabitants of this territory, before the white man decided to fuck with them. At the nearby cheese factory, Rogge's, works Angela. In short, Omro is a hick town where no one desires to be.
-"Do you wanna go to Omro?"
-"No way dude, I'm not a hick!"
by abunchofwhitekids January 02, 2012
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