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A dumbass bitch who is very sweet and nice but literally cannot stand the shit out of people. She would literally be so nice to their face but then once the door slams she says “I really hate that bitch.” I have to deal with this 24/7 and it’s not a fun time. She also pretends like as if she’s so dumb but we all know this bitch be grinding at 5 in the morning eating cereal and yelling at me to get her milk. Not to mention, the amount of times she has been so damn shady to this ONE SPECIFIC PERSON. (“Adequately shady” cough cough still shady.) but I love this hoe ass motherfucker to death
by Eatdonuts December 18, 2018
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She is the empress of swag.
Omika doesn't mind breaking the rules , she can be both playful and focused. She can be creative and like silence around her creative thinking process. She is very imaginative and over thinks a lot, choose wise words around her or she'll punch your nose . She is very stubborn and have a short temper and can make you cry when she wants to. Talking back is in her personality and because of her kind nature she has often been taken advantage of. She can ruin your life if she wants to but kindness holds her back every time. She is a very mysterious and observant creature. She is the comeback queen.
Don't use her in any way , cause that's so not Omika .
by Hahur hahur hahur June 01, 2019
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(n.) Omika is intelligent, outgoing, friendly, but highkey kind of a bitch. She's always there for deep convos or if you just need to talk, but on occasion can say things that are not too sympathetic. Fluctuates between being fake as fuck and real. Probably would be a 6/10 or 7/10, but has great tits, so at least an 8.
Wow, Omika will probably be president one day. She's a bitch though.
by karballz November 08, 2018
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