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A fun way to say "Oh my God" Some people find it annoying, which makes it even more fun to use. Some people feel it's using the lords name in vain, but as you can clearly see it's spelled gawd, not god, so no, it's not taking his name in vain.
Omigawd, you are so right, this is fun!
by Angel of Darkness March 29, 2008
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Omigawd, which is usually meant to be a very annoying teenage girl crappy xanga blog word, means "Oh my god" in a crappy xanga blog kind of way. Also used by teenage girls on AIM. Omigawz is also an equally annoying way of speaking thy Lord's name in vain.

Omigawd tht guy was soo hot! LOL
by Super Koopa September 20, 2004
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