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An apparently short lived but nonetheless exciting Alternative Electro band from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Known in the design community for its signature triple triangle logo, which led to a slew of graphic artists creating amazing posters, album art, and other-such digital artwork inspired by their music and featuring their band-mark as a centerpiece. Any design or art community website should have plenty of examples to boot.

Their limited set of music can be quite faithfully be described as an earthy-electro with a melodramatic progression complimented by various distorted industrial and vocal samples. All of this is held together by complicated multi-layer beats and melodic synths that shift in and out of songs. Their 2010 track "shine" is particularly dramatic, and could easily be used in a movie trailer or film, and is their most popular song to date.

Has been delaying a full-studio album for 3 or so years, of which the current status is unknown.
Omega Code just sounds amazing, why couldn't they get their shit together and release an album.

A search for Omega Code on returns ridiculous amounts of insanely high-quality fan-art. And this is for the band that's released just 2 singles over 4 years.
by yosheek June 19, 2011
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