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1 (noun) An immature or stupid person.

2. (Noun) A voice created by sucking in aide while speaking.

3. (Verb) The act of Omato, also "omatoed" and "omatoing".

4. (Adj.) Describes a stupid or immature person (see definition 1)

5. Adverb
This meaning is for omatoly. It means someone did something stupidly or immaturely.
1. The omato drank a gallon of poisonous liquid.

2. The idiot also did the omato voice on his way to the hospital

3. "Were you omatoing after you drank?" The doctor asked. "Yes, I omatoed a lot." The idiot replied.

4. "You're a very omato person." The doctor said.

5. The idiot did the Omato voice omatoly and was therefore kicked out of the hospital.
by TheOmato March 02, 2015
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