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The pantheon for Olympic Athletes; the Mecca of the Olympic Games. The light of day will never be shed on some of the legendary partying that has gone on at the Olympic Village. The stories that will always be threated as hearsay... The "sports" that will never be written in the history books. Vacated rooms are said to be bribed away from maids and become occupied for the sake of partying. These are no myths or rumours... no, this is FACT.

There is a reason why people dream of competing at the Olympics. If you are a young, aspiring athlete, you WANT to compete at the Olympics... because being there is already a victory.
The 2012 London Olympics will be supplied with a record number of condoms for the Olympic Village. There's going to be some gold medalling over there, lemme' tell ya.
by Athlete's_Foot July 25, 2012
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A town or city with an unusual amount of overwieght or obese people....basically most of the US
"Wow, u ever been to Chicago"
"No, What's it like?"
"I tell you it's a pure olympic village"
by Henster1982 February 04, 2008
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