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black bat, ollias' mostly live for the night and sleep during the day, they have a lot more energy when its dark.

usualy a boy, brown scraffy hair, with changing blue eyes depending on the light! might look like a duck to some people.
sometimes can get called olli(oll-eye) for short...
caring, protective and loving towards oppiste sex.
hides feelings and jealousy well, keeps thoughts in side, untill it all builds up and lets it out in one big burst of anger, upsetness and jealousy!
over all everyone loves a Ollias!
girl1: ahh your boyfriends so cute
girl2: i guess but i wouldnt really say that
girl1: what you mean?
girl2: his more strange to me
girl1: id die for one of them
girl2: his like a ollias to me really
by bonnitheorange December 19, 2009
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