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He is without doubt the pinnacle of the human race. Undoubtedly the world's best shag, his man wand reaches 14 inches and even has its own brain.
You can find Oliver in your mum, most of the time, all of the time.
Sometimes your dad can't even hold back the urge of Oliver McArdle.
He is without queation an undefeatable athlete, an unaware challenger will simply shoot themselves if found trying to challenge the great Mc.
All bow down to him and is unquestionably the most badass human on the planet.

he stills sucks cock though.
Ryan: Hey, have u seen Oliver McArdle playing football, that dude is tiiiiight!!!!

Jordan: I no, dude for some reason i just wanna let him shred up my bumhole

Ryan: True, true...apparently he wraps it round his leg, its that big!!!
by JordanB1991 February 11, 2009
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