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The Oliver Lust Stomp is a beckoning dance maneuver, only to be performed by individuals who possess both "stamina" and "money". The general idea is to pick out the most attractive men in given club. Sweet talk is then carried out, usually with the incorporation of a nice camera. At this point, the score is for certain. However, the Oliver Lust Stomp can take place before or after getting the prize. Note that the prize seems to be heterosexuals (confused?) with incredible abs.

The maneuver begins with raising the right leg, and meeting the arms in front of the chest, making an X. Then, in a single move, stomp using the right foot, and separate and stretch out arms diagonal to the body. The dance move is best accompanied with confused individuals who are amazed at the score. Music is preferably Iranian techno.
"Julie, did you see that middle-aged guy creepin' at the club?"

"Most definitely. He performed that Oliver Lust Stomp and nailed the hottie. I saw the picture on his Blackberry."
by all at zinc April 13, 2009
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