Junior (grimes)

What everybody calls junior grimes, aka “the joker”, J grimes, etc

A internet gangster, etc crime lord

hits on every girl he knows.

Also known under many different names (allegedly)
Person 1: yo J, I think she likes you

J: there was NEVER a doubt in my mind >:)

Old J is a playa
by Kierstenbae October 9, 2021
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when you happen upon a girl that has the clap and is also on her period; you must defecate in/around her vagina, proceed to have sex with her, ejaculate inside of her, then finish off by eating what you have just created.
guy 1: "i saw your ex at the bar the other night and i couldn't believe when her drunk sleazy ass wanted me to give her the old J&D"
guy 2: "filthy bitch!"
guy 1: "word."
by the goddamn champion April 11, 2010
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