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(N.) An old Fart who's been called "The REAL Old Dirty Bastard" and "The Mr. Burns of Hip Hop." Just take ya Viagra, and go home with Skinner's Mom, you old, Krusty Bum.
The Late Show Top Ten Reasons why Benzino will never be respected:
#10-Can't even write Raps.
#9-Damn near 50 Years old.
#8-His Daddy's on his deathbed.
#7-Never gonna go gold.
#6-Best if he just shut it up.
#5-Flesh wounds will cut him up.
#4-He don't want it with anyone.
#3-Takes an L like a 7-Up.
#2-An Old Fart more hated than Cats. ( he set us up the bomb! )
#1-A Bitch Ass Nigga who never touched a single Gat.
by G-Union June 25, 2003
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