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A sexual act made popular in post WWII Japan wherein Japanese soldiers returning home from the war would have vaginal intercourse with their wives, pull out before climax, ejaculate into their cupped palms and coat their penises in their own semen.

As was typical of soldiers in the field, the Japanese Troops often collected the sands of the battlefields they fought upon. The defeated soldiers would then cover their genitals in the balck, volcanic "Sands of Iwo Jima" and proceed to engage in anal intercourse.

The inevitable blood on the sand would be symbolic of the Allied victory at Iwo Jima, and would serve to force the Japanese wives to "feel their pain and shame."

This move would later be polularized by Conan O'Brien on his recently debuted TBS Late Night Talk Show, "Conan."
Mr. Hirasaki is one crazy dude. I hear he gave his wife the Old Tokyo Sand-Blaster last night!
by UncleHerpie November 10, 2010
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