A conversation with the boys typically between 9:30pm and 4:00am. Often transpires after a Chevron Walk.

During these conversations, participants may play Truth Or Truth, but they almost always delve into deep topics ranging from inner flaws in each participant to favorite porn. The participants are guaranteed to awaken feeling a little more enlightened than they did before the talk.
Everyone: *start getting into bed*
Person 1: *plays lobby music over Bluetooth speaker*
//Cue sitar music
Person 1: everyone ready for late night talks?
Person 2: wait I need to brush my teeth.
*Brushes teeth*
Person 1: ok here we go-to
//cue Late Night Talk theme song
by DrownedFaucet November 2, 2018
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A late-night-talk is a deep talk between two or more people (it must be a small group) that occurs between night and drawn. Usually on a quite place like a balcony or a living room, with chill music in a low volume, alcohol and/or other substances in lower doses. The themes usually are personal so these talks are exclusive to who participated on them and must be interpreted has a bounding.
After the party I had a late-night-talk with Jimmy and Karen, I wish you were there it was amazing!
by Albiito July 12, 2018
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