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An outdoor mall located in Skokie, Illinois. Awesome to go to, until you've seen it all and gotten sick of how many times they move around stores. They also can't keep the same store for more than two years and you never find out it has been moved until you need or want something from that perticular store. You'll never see any Blacks or Latinos because it's all ritzy, white, rich kids looking for Abercrombie and Hollister clothing. EVEN THOUGH THE AREA IT IS LOCATED IN IS THRIVING WITH THOSE ETHNICITIES. People from Chicago come to Old Orchard because they don't realize how boring it is because they don't live nearby.
Mary: Hey Cindy! Wanna go to Old Orchard Mall?

Cindy: No it's lame.

Mary: Why?

Cindy: Because you're not from Skokie and you don't understand.
by fromglenview. July 27, 2009
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