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She's the smartest girl you could every meet .... she may be annoying a little but she's worth it!....... she's e person you have to speak to get to know her true self ... most of all she is a very beautiful girl.
Okera she's being defined as a lovely person with great potential
by R.a.c.k.i.m December 15, 2018
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Very fast and short beardless man who has no skills what so ever
Especially when it comes to soccer,he thinks he is better than Ronaldo but he is USELESS
Plays rock music in the mosque
He hates chocolate that is possible to eat
He follows guys

You may mistake his ears for bike handles
That guy is such an Okera
Dude!!! Why you being such an Okera
by Woowwszzaa July 15, 2017
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