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the fear of rhyming unintentionally.

Imagine a social situation. I remark upon something, and it happens to rhyme – the contents of whatever I said is treated as trivial and very much ignored: all my fellows hear is that I rhymed, at which point they laugh and point this fact out. And what I said is never brought up again, because when everybody laughs, there's an excellent opportunity for people to change the subject. So what I said was rendered worthless!

From Greek Ομοιοκαταληξία - (the) rhyme, and -φοβία.
I said "there's not enough money for women, when it comes to swimmin'" and everybody laughed. Now I'll be full of oimoiokatalichiphobia next time I say something about the national female swimmers' team.
by kewangjii December 15, 2010
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