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noun oh·rina \ˌo-ree-naa\ the faculty or phenomenon of finding things initially anticipated to be agreeable to contain an element of surprise in contrast with one's initial excitement.

etymology of ohrina

The exact origins of the phrase “ohrina” are not know with absolute certainty. However, it is understood that in the early part of the second decade of the second millennia (in accordance with the Gregorian calendar) a young betty named Rina returned to the United States of America having spent several years in East Asia. She would tell tales of teaching English as a second language, but her exact whereabouts and activities have been long subject to intellectual discourse. Once settled in the north western region of the village of Brooklyn (see "Breuckelen"), “Our Rina” would bring hand gestures and click consonants wherever she travelled. What is known with some certainty is that she was twice early for a date and once claimed to accidentally insist that a man with years of dedicated vegetarianism consume what was once a beautiful living thing, probably called Daisy.
1. When one agrees to play another at a game of scrabble thinking that one has the chance to not completely humiliate oneself only to find that one has one’s ass served to him, he may think to himself or even exclaim in vainohrina.”
by Sometimesstewedveggies February 07, 2017
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