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A revelation combining Sexual Foreplay and the Presient iPod Device. see iPod

It is basically a womens or (gay man's) vibrator. The Difference being here that when connected to an iPod it will vibrate to the beat of the music.

An Excellent way to spice up the Metrosexual's sex life and best used when listened to with Reggae, R'n'B, Hip Hop or some other loud base-y music.

Hawthorne Heights NOT recommended.

Guy- Hey Honey, got a pressie for you...

Girl upon opening gift- OH MY GOD! its an OHMIBOD!
Girl- Whats an OHMIBOD??

Guy- Here lemme show you...

Girl once using it- Oooooh-ooooooooh Reggae Bombastic!
by Evil Lincoln March 23, 2007
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