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Ohio lady omelet- (pronunciation- oʊˈhaɪoʊ ˈleɪdi ˈɑmlət)
Typically performed at an orgy / sex party or at a family reunion that has gone horribly awry. One lady inserts a whisk (preferably silicone) into another lady's vagina. Once this is done the first lady (the incertor) goes around the party, and one by one convinces / coerces all of the guests to stick their fingers in to the vagina of the second lady (the incertee), to feel around "to see how nice it feels in there".

Origin Northern New Jersey (coal mining country)
Man did you see that one hot chick give that other hot chick an Ohio Lady Omelet? I sure am glad this is a sex party and not a family reunion. (first person gives second a High-5)
by wizecracker June 05, 2016
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