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derived from welsh vocabulary

fig 1. used instead of wait a minute, or stop

fig 2. sometimes to say excuse me
fig 1. example. Oh Butt!, what you doing?

fig 2. example. Oh Butt!, you dropped your wallet!

by jamie bodman February 11, 2006
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When you are walking through the halls of your school and you see a hot chick with a nice ass. You don't know her but you feel like you should say something to tell her shes hot. So you say "oh butt" so you are satisfied that you actually said something...
You walking down the hall and you pass a girl
You turn around and see that she has a NICEEEE ass
Yell out, "OH BUTT"
by That guy from nj August 31, 2006
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MUST be said with british accent.

1The phrase an englishman says after/while farting during an orgasm.

2It is quite fun to randomly exclaim.

3 Exclaimed after realizing a mistake.
1 "Oh yes, oh, oh quite, oh oh oh goodness, oh BUTT~!"

2 Steve: So's the homework coming?
Holly: Fine :)
Steve: That's good.
Holly: Yup. oh BUTT!!~!!
::much laughter ensues::

3 Maw: Hey billeh, didja bring the goat in?
Billy: OH BUTT!!! I left the goat out agin!
by Hauli Botkinson February 24, 2005
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