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What awesome Call of Duty MW2 players say instead of using God's name in vain. Basically replace the word "God" with "Cod" in any way possible. . .Songs, chruch phrases, anything!
Oh my Cod, I banged her so hard last night

We are so young and reckless! OH MY COD!

Oh Cod, I'm going to puke
by (201) October 31, 2010
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A statement expressed when super excited, super sad, super happy,super scared, super shocked, super mad, or just Super. The word Cod replaces the word God so you wont feel evil using the the Lords name a billion times a day....
1. "Oh my Cod, did you get my keys?"

"OMC, calm, down I have them."

2. "Oh my Cod, don't shit there!!!"

3. As the girl sits and cries. She says, "oh my Cod,, Oh my Cod,,, Why did he break up with me?"
by TiffE Cent July 16, 2012
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